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Seaglass Oasis

September 6, 2016

Riding the Seaglass Carousel is special because the ride makes you feel like you are spinning in an underwater globe. It is a serene piece of art that magically changes the expressions of faces seated on the ride and those watching from a distance.

Located in Battery Park, nestled between the Staten Island and Governor Island Ferries, it’s an unexpected oasis in the bustling city. Here it’s possible to glide “under the sea” and then step onto a ferry to glide above the Hudson and view the...

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September 11, 2016

          Pictured: Salt of the Earth Spa, Southbury, CT.  

The idea of visiting a salt cave didn’t cross my radar as a destination for rest and relaxation. But once I learned about the potential wellness benefits and about local options, I gave it a try.

Reclining in a zero gravity lounger, I closed my eyes, cleared my mind and inhaled deeply for 45 minutes. While doing that my body would be would exposed to three day’s equivalent of ocean air from himalayan salt contained on the walls...

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One View

September 19, 2016

                         Pictured:Gouveia Winery, Wallingford, Connecticut
My day was about to be spent as a grape harvest volunteer. Steps away from the registration area I looked up and this was my view. Just 50 minutes from my home, I felt I was a continent away. With garden shears in hand, I walked into the field, placed my bucket down and began to release the hanging bunches of grapes that would become the next vintage of wine.

I heard people singing mingled with talk of grape harvests...

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Choosing the Rams

September 25, 2016

 Photo: Ram Judging, Eastern States Exposition (The Big E)

Crossing paths with a gorgeous ram and his handler heading to the judging area influenced me to settle down on the bleachers to watch. Chatting with the people nearby, I notice how attentively they studied the program. Their replies to my questions showed they knew a lot about rams.

I asked, “Do you raise rams?” Everyone replied “Yes”. I was probably the only one amongst the spectators who did not. These weren't the typical fair...

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